Monitoring, Evaluating and Research

In 2017, Focus Ireland published a number of important pieces of original research which helped to deepen our understanding of homelessness and to inform the work that we do.

1. In partnership with 4 other NGOs, we published a major study on youth homelessness entitled ‘Living in Limbo: Homeless Young People’s Paths to Housing’ which was conducted by Dr Paula Mayock and Sarah Parker, Trinity College Dublin. Download the study here.

2. Focus Ireland (in partnership with Tusla) published an evaluation of our partnership ‘Limerick Youth Housing’ project. The study documented the very positive outcomes of young people who have  passed through our flagship housing project. Download the report here.

3. A ground-breaking piece of research entitled ‘Food Access and Nutritional Health among Families in Hotel Accommodation’ was published by Focus Ireland in August 2017. The study – led by Dr Michelle Share of Trinity College Dublin recorded the impact on the diet and health of families who are homeless. Download the report here.

4. Two other studies on family homelessness were launched by Minister Eoghan Murphy in December 2017. These studies focused on the two pillars of our strategic plan – prevention and exits out of  homelessness. Download the study here and here.

5. Focus Ireland continued to develop our ‘Insights into Family Homelessness’ series and published six additional papers including an important trend analysis of family homelessness and quarterly  surveys of the pathways that result in families becoming homelessness. You can access any paper from our Insights into Family Homelessness Series here.


‘Limerick Youth Housing’ Project